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Local pharmaceutical logistics specialist wins Queen's Award for International Trade – Wokingham.Today

Niall Balfour CEO of Tower Cold Chain
A THEALE-based logistics specialist has been presented with a Queen’s Award for its work in international trade.
Pharmaceutical temperature-controlled experts Tower Cold Chain has been honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise, the UK’s highest accolade for business success.
The company, based in Total Park, Theale, Reading, won its award for International Trade for Outstanding Short-Term Growth in the overseas market sales over the last three years.
Tower says it has been recognised for its robust, reliable, reusable thermal containers, that transport temperature sensitive pharmaceutical, life-science and biotech products.
In the last 18 months overseas sales and the proportion of total sales exporting have increased significantly.
The company says it has had particular success in the United States, Germany, Belgium, South Africa and China, coinciding with on-going expansion of its global hub networks to maximise proximity and availability to Tower customers in all geographies.
“We are tremendously proud to receive the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade, which is a tribute to the expertise and hard work of the entire Tower team,” commented Tower Cold Chain’s CEO Niall Balfour.
“Recognising our international growth shows how we are focused on meeting our customers’ global supply chain needs and will continue to invest and collaborate to deliver this.”
And Tower recently played a key role in ensuring the critical delivery of Covid-19 vaccines throughout the pandemic.
In addition, the launch of both the KTM42D for ultra-cold temperature critical pharmaceuticals, and the KTEvolution, a lightweight, manually handleable solution ideal for smaller shipments such as direct-to-patient and last-mile deliveries have helped to meet the latest cold-chain needs.
As part of its success, Tower has seen its UK staff numbers double in the past three years, opening a 26,000 sq ft UK headquarters and centre of excellence in Theale, including the addition of an Innovation Centre to enhance its design and laboratory testing capabilities in the development of the latest temperature-controlled solutions.
“It is our vision to become the number-one cold-chain shipping facility of choice worldwide.” Mr Balfour said.
“Winning the prestigious Queen’s Award recognises this journey, acknowledges our customers’ trust, and above all marks the tremendous efforts of all our team at Tower.
“I would like to thank and congratulate every one of them for their contribution – this award is a real testament to their support and our continued international growth.”
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