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About International Trade 
UK Finance represents the Commercial banking services sector in the UK. As part of the services offered by members, international trade products and services help their customers export and import effectively by mitigating risks, providing working capital, and medium-term finance for overseas buyers. Members offer guarantees, international payments, trade finance and foreign exchange services, as well as providing help and guidance to help customers trade internationally.
In 2020, UK businesses exported a total of £601.0 billion goods and services of which 41.8% were exported to the EU and 58.2% to non-EU countries. The Annual Business Survey (ABS), reported that 10.2% of registered businesses in GB exported goods and/or services in 2019 which is around 245k businesses in total. 
UK Finance works closely with UK Export Finance, the Department of International Trade and external stakeholders such as the British Exports Association, the Institute of Export and the International Chambers of Commerce to support British businesses looking to export to the global market 
Work for members and their clients 
Within the Commercial team umbrella, the UK Finance Export Working Group and International Trade Working Group bring together market experts to engage on key policy matters with government and regulators. 
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