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French B2B Growth Platform Reveal Nets $50M to Boost Business Partnerships –

Reveal, a French firm that works with B2B systems on driving revenue through partnerships between companies, has raised $50 million in a Series A funding round, according to a company blog post from CEO Simon Bouchez.
Bouchez said this funding round will help propel the company forward as it works to “empower B2B companies to drive revenue from their ecosystem.” The letter also said the company’s goal is to foster partnerships among companies, as “sharing is winning.”
According to the company’s website, its tech lets B2B partners easily connect their customer relationship management (CRM) software with their ecosystem, letting them find all common accounts and streamlining collaboration.
“In a world where referrals are the highest converting channel, converting 21x better than an outbound call, the necessity to build and leverage a strong ecosystem of partners simply cannot be ignored,” Bouchez wrote, adding that the partnership costs are low compared to using older marketing channels.
Bouchez noted that due to the current global climate, there’s a “responsibility” the company now has with the funding.
“We don’t see this as a success in itself, as much as we see it as a motivation and resource to double down on our mission,” Bouchez wrote. “And we will not lose sight of it.”
In other news related to B2B partnerships, Skaleet, a FinTech working on core banking platforms, recently announced that it’s partnering with Thunes, a cross-border payment provider, to boost its ecosystem.
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In a press release, Skaleet noted that French residents send almost €13 billion abroad, per data from the European Central Bank. The money transfer market has usually been taken up by liquid transactions, though digital transfers have become more important.
Skaleet’s services involve letting financial institutions debut new banking products, while Thunes works in instant payments, letting businesses do payments in numerous areas with numerous currencies.
Thunes’ platform lets players connect globally using a single application programming interface (API), and provides things like peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfers, bulk payments and commercial payments.

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