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Brian Connolly
March 25, 2022
Amazon Product Ideas, Amazon Seller, Product Research, Product Selection, Selling on Amazon
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The hardest part about selling on Amazon is, well, figuring out what to sell on Amazon. You may have what you think is a great idea for a product, but smart sellers rely on data — not always their gut — on which products to invest in.
This is true during Q2, when customers start shopping for products for the spring and summer months. 
How do you decide what to sell? How do you know what consumers are buying during this time of year? How much inventory should you purchase?
We’ll answer all of those questions in this article and more, so keep on reading.
As we move away from the cold winter months and into spring, what types of products will consumers now spend their money on? 
While most categories on Amazon will sell well during this time of year, a few products stand out as the weather warms up and people make plans for the summer. 
Let’s go over a few products we see as potential winners for Q2 in 2022.
Easter falls on April 17th this year, meaning you still have plenty of time to source popular goods to sell on Amazon. You can sell a wide variety of items for Easter, not just candy. Think of small toys, brightly colored gifts, activity books, and other Easter basket stuffers kids would love.

I searched “easter basket stuffers” in Keyword Scout — look at the massive spike in search volume surrounding these keywords!

While creating a private label Easter product at this point is likely out of the question, retail arbitrage is the way to go for seasonal products like this. 
What can you sell? Take a look around your local grocery store, and you’ll likely find an entire aisle of Easter favorites ready to be resold on Amazon: festive candies, fillable plastic eggs, themed baskets, stuffed animals, collectible toys, and more. 
Use an Amazon seller scanner app to scan the barcodes of the many Easter products and see which ones you can turn a profit on by reselling on Amazon. 
To access this essential keyword data for your products or product research, check out Jungle Scout for your Amazon business. 

Consumers love buying new clothes for the spring and summer months! At least that’s what the data is telling us. Products rising in popularity during Q2 are in the women’s clothing category — more specifically, sundresses. 

While this can be a competitive product category to sell in, there is undoubtedly high demand for summer fashion. If you are an experienced Amazon seller who isn’t afraid of competition (or selling clothes), this may be a fantastic opportunity.
Take a look at the 30-day and 90-day trend columns in Keyword Scout for keywords related to sundresses. 

*HINT* “Summer dresses for women 2022” is being searched for over 14,000% more than the previous 90 days! 

Sundresses would be an excellent product for any business model you follow on Amazon. Maybe you’re a fashion designer who can create a brand new summer style using private label; or perhaps you’re simply a retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, or wholesale reseller looking for trending products to sell. Either way, there is a strong customer base looking to shop for the season.
This may be another obvious one, but if you are approved to sell within the clothing category on Amazon, stocking up on both men’s and women’s swimwear can be a great way to cash in.
If you’re not approved to sell clothing or are not comfortable selling in this category, there are plenty of other subcategories related to swimwear. That includes beach accessories such as towels, tanning lotion, beach bags, vacation essentials, and beach toys—the list is quite endless. 

There is plenty of arbitrage and wholesale opportunities for these categories to resell other brands of swimwear or beach accessories without creating private label brands. Though you certainly can — check out our article on How to Buy on Alibaba and Sell on Amazon
Let’s look at the numbers. 

Nearly every keyword in each of these lists is trending upwards. This information tells us that now is the time to stock up as the weather warms up and consumers head to the beach. 
Check out this graph of the keyword “beach bags for women.”

Scroll through the Keyword Scout results to find countless product ideas related to bathing suits or the beach.
Travel is back in full swing! As consumers feel more and more confident to resume travel, they will need the right gear before venturing out into the world again. 
There are many products you can offer to consumers who want to get back on the road or take flight. 

I searched for “travel accessories” in Keyword Scout, and it returned over 1,800 results. That is a lot of opportunities to sell products that people are actively searching for. 
While the keyword “travel accessories” is very competitive, you can easily niche down and find less competitive subcategories within the travel category. 

I see ideas such as airplane travel essentials, travel bags, travel-size toiletries, TSA-approved bags, and travel containers. Take the time to go through some of these keyword results to find a less competitive product opportunity you can jump on.
Memorial Day is a U.S. national holiday to honor those who have died while serving in the United States armed forces. On this day, citizens in the US will typically have a BBQ or some kind of get-together with friends and family. 
While this category is not currently trending, search volume for products related to this day will skyrocket as we get closer to May 30th, 2022. Now is a good time to prepare for this day and figure out which types of products you can offer. 

Think of decorations such as flags, banners, USA-themed dinnerware, and clothing. 
The search volume for Memorial Day-related keywords is currently very low, but when using Keyword Scout, we can see the search volume for the past two years. Having data from the previous year gives us a good idea of the search volume for this year.

Don’t limit yourself to the list of ideas above, as many other types of products will sell during Q2. Think outside the box, gather your ideas, and make sure you bring them into proper product research before investing in any product to sell on Amazon
Next, use Jungle Scout’s tools to figure out if your product idea is viable for selling on the Amazon platform:
Keyword Scout: Use this tool to determine a product’s search volume and gather additional keyword ideas to target in your listing and PPC campaigns. Keyword Scout will also show you the historical search volume of a particular keyword to see which time of year it is searched for the most. 
Opportunity Finder: This tool will help you find unique niches and determine the seasonality of different products. I used this tool to find viable evergreen and seasonal products to sell during Q2 on Amazon. 
Product Database: Enter specific criteria to find the exact products you would be interested in selling. Try out different criteria and filters, and see where your research takes you.  
Extension: Hit the extension button, and it will pull up valuable data about the product you are currently searching for. This will give you an idea of potential monthly sales and a quick competitive analysis. With the Extension, you can now view a Historical Trend data chart located in the embedded section on a product detail page. View historical data points such as Buy Box price, New lowest price, BSR, Amazon’s price, and more. 

Want to learn more about how to find profitable products to sell on Amazon? Check out our YouTube video:

We hope this guide gives you some good ideas of what products you can sell during this time of year. Bookmark this page for updates in Q3 2022 — we’ll update you with more ideas for the next quarter, and every quarter after that. Now, get out there and make it happen! 
Let us know what you think of these categories, or if you have any questions, let us know in the comments below. 
Check out our full How to Sell on Amazon Guide for more information on product research, sourcing, listing creation, and much more. 
Explore new product opportunities with Jungle Scout and start making money during Q2 on Amazon!

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Brian Connolly
Brian is a writer and entrepreneur with over 6 years of experience in e-commerce and selling on Amazon.
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Thank you, Brian, this was very helpful I will be a new seller on Amazon appreciate all the information you all give to us.
Full of useful information. Learned a lot
Thanks for sharing this information
Is it free to start on Amazon FBA?
Hi Reaobaka,
If you start with an individual seller account, there is no monthly subscription cost. But you will still need to pay Amazon fees once you sell an item.
Nice article, thanks for sharing this.
Thanks for reading!
Thank you for your article. As a newbie learning to sell on Amazon, I’ve come to realise quickly that anything coming from Jungle Scout is good stuff. I appreciate very much all the work that you guys are doing.
Hi Lynn,
That means a lot to us! Thanks for reading!
Do you think ties will be good to sell in Q4 , for gifts for fathers?
Hi Tolani,
Do some product research! That will be the best way to determine if that product will be a good fit for your business.
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