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Using procurement's power for good – Canadian Occupational Safety

Building a global approach to ethical sourcing
This article was sponsored by Avetta.
A key part of the supply chain, procurement has a big opportunity to spark change. Procurement and sourcing professionals within organizations play a huge role in the push for ethical sourcing. Indeed, these leaders decide where money is spent, how supplies are managed and which risks to take.
“As procurement and supply chain leaders, we have the platform and influence to make a difference, both professionally and as an individual consumer. That’s a good thing because the pressure to improve has never been more significant,” says Tania Seary, Founder, Procurious, in the report.
Procurement networking and news community Procurious has teamed up with supply chain expert Avetta to survey both procurement and supply chain professionals. These insights will benchmark the current application and level of understanding of ethical sourcing worldwide.
84 per cent of those who took part in the survey believe that they have an important role to play, and 37 per cent believe that they can have a significant impact and change the world. Furthermore, the report found that climate change (45 per cent), employee safety and working conditions (35 per cent), and corruption and fraud (33 per cent) have the most influence over ethical sourcing strategies.
To gain a better understanding of the issues facing these professionals, download this free report to access fresh data and perspectives on key issues, business drivers, technology and best practices. Specifically, you will learn about – among other things – modern slavery and forced labour in the supply chain, supplier monitoring for ethical sourcing and broadly how to scale ethical sourcing best practices.
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In addition, to gain more expert insights from Avetta, be sure to register for their free webinar on May 10, Safety Leadership: How to influence conversations, culture, and live the value of safety within your organization.


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