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RollWorks And Drift Partner On B2B Chat Platform 04/27/2022 – MediaPost Communications


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Account-based marketing platform RollWorks is partnering with Drift, a firm that integrates email, chat and video into one platform, to help B2B marketers improve engagement and sales velocity.
The integration relies on the RollWorks Site Visitor API to identify site visitors and deliver chat messages in real time, the firms say. 
Access to this data “allows B2B marketers to prioritize the campaigns and efforts most likely to drive meaningful results,,” states Mike Stocker, vice president of partnerships at RollWorks.
According to the companies, the partnership allows clients to:
— Identify and engage site visitors with personalized chat experiences.
— Qualify leads by asking relevant questions and routing site visitors to the right sales team.
— Improve site conversions with automated meeting scheduling.
In addition, the arrangement will “help to reduce customer churn and accelerate revenue,” states Jason Yarborough, head of tech partnerships at Drift. 

Nini Diana – Harvard Business Review, Dir. Of Consumer Marketing

Maya Wistar – GEICO, Supervisor, Email Marketing



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