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Million Dollar Case Study: Season 5 – Jungle Scout

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What’s it really like to sell on Amazon? Follow along as Jungle Scout’s experts find, source, and sell a real product on Amazon.
If you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like to sell on Amazon, you’re in the right place. In Jungle Scout’s 5th season of the Million Dollar Case Study, our team of experts demonstrates how to sell on Amazon — by going through the entire process themselves.
Join us each week as host Lenny Smith, along with Jungle Scout’s founder and CEO Greg Mercer (an 8-figure Amazon seller) and other seasoned ecommerce pros, share a new step in their selling journey, including:
What’s new this season? The Jungle Scout team will discuss how changes in consumer demand, ecommerce, and Amazon itself have changed the Amazon selling experience. We’ll also share more seller stories and real-world insight into what it takes to sell on Amazon in 2021.

Hosted by:
Lenny Smith
Video Marketing Manager, Jungle Scout
Lenny is an expert Amazon seller and one of Jungle Scout’s original team members. From selling basics to special topics, Lenny shares his extensive knowledge of Amazon on Jungle Scout’s YouTube channel.
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What does Million Dollar Case Study mean, and what will you learn during the step-by-step video series?
Find high-demand, low-competition products to sell on Amazon.
See how keyword research can help you find a winning product.
Learn everything you need to know about finding a supplier for your product.
We explore the basics of patent research and evaluate samples from potential suppliers.
We weigh the pros and cons of our product ideas and choose one to sell on Amazon.
Learn best practices for branding a product and tips for packaging.
We share an overview of the product inspection and shipping process.
Find out how to get started in Seller Central, create your listing, and update it.
Learn tips and techniques for stellar product photography.
Learn strategies for a successful product launch on Amazon.
We share how to create advertising campaigns on Amazon.
We share how to optimize automatic and manual ad campaigns on Amazon.
Find out how you can continue to grow your private label business on Amazon.
The Million Dollar Case Study provides comprehensive, free education that offers anyone the opportunity to learn how to sell on Amazon.
And because the Jungle Scout team actually finds and sells a product on Amazon, we turn those sales and profits into good. Our early goal with the Million Dollar Case Study was to sell $1 million worth of products and donate all the profits to charity. In 2020, we reached that sales goal.
To date, Jungle Scout has donated more than $150,000 to charities including Doctors without Borders and Pencils of Promise. During Season 5, we will continue this tradition.
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