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Live broadcast helps Thai coconut export to the Chinese market –

According to recent news from Thai media, the business organization of the Thai Consulate General in Qingdao said that after investigating the Chinese coconut market, it was found that, with the growth of the Chinese beverage market, the market demand for coconuts has also increased significantly, coupled with the lack of domestic coconut production in China. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for Thai coconuts to be exported to China. It is recommended to use social media and live broadcast channels to expand the Chinese market.
The Ministry of Commerce of Thailand conducted a survey on the expansion of the Chinese market by Thai companies and commodities, including a survey on the Chinese coconut market in 2021. It was found that China imported 872,000 tons of coconuts, an increase of 37.4%, with a total value of 450 million US dollars. Among them, imports from Thailand amounted to 284 million US dollars, an increase of 49.41%, accounting for 62.89% of China’s imported coconuts.
In addition, the import of coconuts from Indonesia was 110 million US dollars, an increase of 67.04%, and the market share accounted for 25.84%. Coconut imports from Thailand and Indonesia accounted for more than 88%, while the rest were imported from Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia, respectively. The reason for the increase in the number of imported coconuts in China is that, starting from the first half of 2021, more than 130 types of coconut beverage products have been launched in the Chinese market.
The business organization of the Thai Consulate General in Qingdao stated that China’s demand for coconut imports continues to increase. Hainan Island, the main domestic coconut producing area, produces only 250 million coconuts per year, and China’s annual market demand is as high as 2.6 billion. In addition, 150 million coconuts are needed for processing, so there is a huge demand gap. Coconut is nutritious, low in fat and delicious, making it a tropical fruit with rapidly growing demand.
Thai coconuts are very well-known in the Chinese market and can be bought in supermarkets, fruit stores and e-commerce platforms. In the Chinese market, in addition to bottled and boxed coconut milk, Thai coconuts have also developed ready-to-drink fresh coconuts, which are convenient for consumers to eat fresh coconuts by opening holes in the coconuts. The survey found that the price of fresh coconuts in supermarkets is 20-25 RMB each, about 106-132.50 baht, which is a relatively high price in the Chinese market.
Publication date: Wed 23 Mar 2022

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