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I'm Officially Prioritising Vegan Beauty — and These Are the Products Filling My Everyday Routine – POPSUGAR United Kingdom

Ever since I started working in beauty, I’ve become a source of product recommendations for my family. A few years ago, my cousin sent me a direct message on Instagram that read, “I recently went vegan and I need product help! Where can I find vegan brands?” I left her message unanswered for a week.
I was at a loss; where could I send her? I couldn’t think of more than one brand off the top of my head, and she deserved options — good options. Fast-forward to today, and I’ve made a similar commitment to hers. I’m not necessarily the strictest vegan foodie (I’m working on it), but I’ve been eager to take the leap on vegan beauty. Knowing what I know about unethical ingredient sourcing — and the state of our world amid its climate crisis — it seems like a no-brainer. But where do I begin? Luckily, there are a lot more options for vegan beauty products today than there were way back when I received her request. Superdrug is just one standout retailer that now carries over 1,000 vegan products while also committing to long-term eco-friendly goals, like only using sustainable ingredients, including shea and palm oil, in addition to offering more reusable, compostable, and recyclable packaging options.
When it was time to rebuild my routine with 100 percent vegan — and cruelty-free, because, for me, these standards go hand in hand — ingredients, I turned to Superdrug, specifically the B. Skincare range. Formulated by experts, these solution-based products target five major skin-care concerns, including maturing skin and oil control. Ahead, discover the unique lineup of B. Skincare products that helped me to prioritise a more sustainable — and ethical — routine.
I know some beauty-lovers are divided on the topic, but I can’t start my day without washing my face — a splash of cold water won’t cut it. The B. Melting Cleansing Balm (£10) uses shea butter to gently melt any leftover makeup, oil, and dirt on my face. I’m always wary of a cleanser stripping my skin, but this cleanser leaves it soft, hydrated, and, most importantly, clean.
I confess: I’ve been slacking on my masking for years now. I’m strict about my serums, but masks have been virtually nonexistent in my routine for way too long. The B. Glycolic Exfoliating Mask (£13) is helping to change that. I’ve never been a fan of hydrating masks — that added moisture can come from a lotion or oil — but I’ll always make room for acids. This mask houses at least five, but the two hero acids — lactic and glycolic — help to remove dead cells without irritating skin.
Hydrating serums might not be the sexiest part of my routine, but the B. Intense Hydrating Serum (£15) makes the biggest difference for my complexion. I’ve always struggled with dry skin — it gets even worse in the colder months — so I’ve spent a lot of time hunting for the perfect vegan serum. This one uses two humectants — polyglutamic acid and hyaluronic acid — that work together to trap and retain moisture, so skin feels and looks replenished for longer.
As much as I love a rich, thick moisturiser, there are some days when I like opting for a lightweight formula, like the B. Moisturising Gel Cream (£15). My combination skin doesn’t always cooperate with makeup, so using this oil-control formula underneath foundation is key to achieving a natural matte look that actually lasts all day. This gel uses green-lentil extract to help reduce the appearance of pores while ensuring skin remains hydrated. In other words, it’s the most fuss-free product in my routine.
Even when I only feel like doing the bare minimum with my skin, I always use a moisturiser and sunscreen. The B. Moisturising Day Cream SPF 30 (£17) combines both of these products into one. The formula is rich and filled with vegan ingredients like plant collagen and red-algae extract, which work quickly to add moisture to my skin while reviving its radiance. This cream also utilises peptides, a buzzy ingredient I can get on board with thanks to their ability to help increase collagen production. The result: bouncy, plump skin. Bonus: Superdrug reduced the jar packaging by 63 percent, which means I get the same amount of moisturiser but with less waste.
Discover the B. Skincare range now in stores and online only at Superdrug.


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