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Export opportunities for Philippine-made products – The Manila Times

Last month, the Department of Trade and Industry facilitated a webinar educating Philippine exporters on the “untapped potential of Latin American markets,” which they can pursue amid the recession. During the webinar, Export Marketing Bureau Director Senan Perlada said electronics made up 66 percent of our merchandise exports and we lead in dessicated coconut exports to Latin America. In fact, our country meets 80 percent of the global demand for this food product. There’s a big opportunity to export more products, like high-value electronics, motor-vehicle parts, home decor, furniture, accessories and other coconut byproducts, he added.
Thankfully, there are vehicles that can help facilitate business sustainability, even expansion plans. One way this can be made possible is through exports. Exporting may seem like something only big companies can do, but that’s not the case. Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) can also grow tremendously if they can find overseas customers willing to buy their products consistently and continuously.


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